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Conscientious Grocers Go Solar!

Town and Country MarketsEnvironmental concerns topped the list for Town & Country Market when they first looked at solar.  After attending a solar workshop and working with Greg Williams, one of the employee-owners of Sunergy Systems, the T&C owners felt that solar was part of the answer to their mounting electric bills.  As responsible grocers, the owners of Town & Country Market made the decision to purchase a 120-panel photovoltaic system to offset some of their electrical usage and make a positive environmental statement.

What was the process of coming to that decision?  Many in the Pacific Northwest don’t quite realize how well solar works in our region.  The solar educational workshop helped to clarify this common question.  After their site survey, they were encouraged by the numbers!  T&C decided to add a solar array to their large store remodel project as part of their conscientious movement towards sustainability.

They were happy to see their project on time and on budget as part of the store remodel.  While the store was still going through construction phases, the solar array has been silently working away in the background.  The array is ready to be revealed when the store has it’s Grand Opening.  Over the next ten years, Town & Country will enjoy utility savings of nearly $35,000.

What would the owners of the Town & Country Markets tell other members of their community about going solar?  “My best advice would be to go in the conversation with an open mind.  Then evaluate if solar is the right choice for your business or home. Since we are still under construction, the community is not really aware of our solar system yet.  However, our staff is excited to know we have taken this step.”  The Bainbridge Island community will be excited too, when they see solar commitment to the environment.

32.4kW Solar System Specifications
System:  120 – SolarWorld SW270 modules  with 3 – Fronius IG Plus 10.0 Inverters
Array:  Fixed with a Southern 14° tilt; 2,210 SF
First Year Power Production:  33,809 kW
Utility Bill Savings in First 10 Years:  $34,915 (2015 rates)


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August 25, 2015