Rich Bowie reached out to Sunergy Systems in 2014. He wanted to learn about solar and thought his roof might be a good candidate. He had competing demands for his resources at that time, and his plans for solar got pushed to the back burner. Covid quarantines came along, and like many others, he got an itch to do some home projects. He considered many projects, but Solar kept coming back to him. This time, though, Rich decided to make solar his 2020 priority project!

Rich wanted to make sure that he selected the right company for the job, so he reached out to a total of six solar installers. Nikki Watters (a fresh solar design)

Richard Bowie Installationconsultant with Sunergy Systems) was determined not to let her limited experience at the time diminish her customer’s experience. Rich flooded Nikki with questions, and she worked tirelessly to answer all of them. Rich says, “The big reason that I went with Sunergy and paid more money than a couple of other bidders was Nikki and her diligence in the sales process.

Producing enough electricity to meet his total usage needs was a big goal for Rich. With a little help from Rich’s roof orientation, a decent amount of solar accessibility throughout the year, and the premium output of some sleek, all-black SunPower panels, Nikki and her Sunergy team designed a system to do just that. The installation went very smoothly and was completed in just two days.

A mere seven months later, Rich was back for more. It started with an amazing discount offer for an electric vehicle (EV) charger from Rich’s utility company (Snohomish PUD). This gave Rich the great idea of putting a deposit on a new EV. But it didn’t stop there. Rich wanted to make sure he would produce enough solar electricity to charge it. So, he reached out to Nikki at Sunergy Systems and asked her to go back to the drawing board for a system add-on and the installation of his new EV charger.

Richard Bowie Installation

Rich paid huge compliments to the Sunergy Systems installation crew for being so efficient. He gave a special mention to Cameron LaBaw, the electrician for both Phases One and Two: “He really did a great job of explaining what he was doing and was meticulous in cleaning up after each day. He did a great job!!” Rich also said that the people in the office were great at coordinating with the utility and the city. “Everything was seamless. I give really high marks to Sunergy. I doubt if there is any company that I could have dealt with that would have done anywhere close to the job that Sunergy did.” Rich said.

So, if you are considering solar and don’t know where to start, Rich says: “Call Nikki at Sunergy. She and their team will do you right!”