Charles Residential Solar Installation By Sunergy Systems
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Has the idea of going solar been on your mind? Two of the most common reasons that people want a solar system are to save money and to help the environment. Have you been wondering if achieving these goals is possible in the Seattle area? Well, Charles and Lily Lee, a dynamite teaching duo, are so happy they did their homework and found their answer to these burning questions! 

Charles, a professor emeritus at Stanford University in California and currently a professor at the University of Washington, teaches portfolio investment strategies. Lily has been a science teacher for many years. She incorporated sustainability strategies into many of her lessons, educating numerous young people about the importance of each of us doing what we can to care for our planet. The Lees have taken all of their lessons to heart by practicing what they teach.

While living in California, they shifted their vehicle ownership to electric varieties, the first one to a hybrid, then the other to an all-electric model. They also had a solar system installed on their roof. They enjoyed this system immensely for eight years. Yes, I hear you. But that’s California, and this is the Seattle area! While getting ready for their big move to Seattle, Charles and Lily shared their hopes for a solar system on their new home with friends. Many of them had this same sentiment. Charles remembers one of their comments: “Why do you want solar in Seattle when it rains so much?” Rather than assume that it was a lost cause, the Lees settled into their research project. They reached out to a few different solar companies and began running the numbers.  

Of the companies that the Lees interacted with, Lily said, “I found that your company [Sunergy Systems] was the most efficient and more precise.” The Lees worked with Patrick Merrill, a Solar Design Consultant, to learn about what solar could do for them at their new home, explore options, and discover how it could benefit them financially. Charles complimented Patrick, saying, “He’s very knowledgeable, very professional. He knows how much electricity is going to be generated. His estimates have been spot-on.” With Patrick, the Lees learned that the cost of purchasing a solar system would be recovered in seven years. With this news, Charles exclaims, “If you can find a riskless asset that generates 14% interest a year and is better for the planet, you should let me know. It’s a perfect asset because there’s no risk, you’re going to benefit regardless. They’ve got high returns, there’s a tax credit, and especially given where the markets are these days, where else are you going to find that kind of investment? It turns out that it makes your life better, and it makes the planet better too.” Charles understands that different homes may have different limitations, but actively urges others to reach out to see if solar is a good fit for them. 

The Lees were very happy with the installation process, and Lily shares, “First of all, everybody was on time. When I talked to the electrician [Alfonso Murano], I felt he was very clear.” “Yes,” Charles said, “we have a backup generator system, and he explained how the sequence would go if there was a loss of power. It was great. Very professional.”

Charles and Lily couldn’t be happier to own their second solar system! Charles had only one additional wish that we at Sunergy Systems couldn’t fulfill. “Well, you guys aren’t a publicly traded company, otherwise, I would buy your stock,” he said with a big laugh! Still, he loves knowing that Sunergy Systems is an employee-owned company. He said, “That means you all care about your company.” And that we do!