The placement of solar panels is a big factor in the efficacy of a solar array. Is there a best direction? Southern-facing is considered the best. Because the sun shines directly over the equator most of the time, south-facing solar panels have an opportunity to collect more sunlight and generate more solar energy. But, of course, every roof has a different orientation. The challenge is to install panels in a way that collects the most sunlight to save the customer money on electric bills.

Beyond roof orientation, there are a number of other variables that can affect which direction solar panels should face. Your installer should survey the property for obstacles—like trees, taller buildings, or power lines—that can diminish the amount of sunlight reaching your solar panels. A roof facing a less-than-optimal direction or with sun-blocking obstacles can still produce plenty of solar power, but it may take more solar panels than a perfectly oriented roof.

Another critical factor in your system is solar panel efficiency, which makes an enormous difference in planning an optimum solar installation. The more efficient the panels, the fewer panels are needed.

The dimensions of the panels can also play an important role in the design of your solar system. Working around obstructions on a roof can be complex and may require smaller panels to do so. Our solar designers will find the best panels and plan for your unique situation. Going solar is good for your budget and the environment!

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