So, you want to start producing your own power from a renewable energy source like the sun, but you’re worried about one thing: your homeowner-owner’s association (HOA). It’s a fair concern considering that solar power hasn’t always been associated with curb appeal. And then there’s the fact that a solar installation can be equated with a small construction project. Luckily, with SunPower by your side, many of the common issues associated with HOAs will be a walk in the park. Let us explain.

SunPower has been a leader in the solar industry for over 36 years, and that proven track record not only builds credibility but also comes with decades of experience working with HOAs just like yours. We have a system in place that can make the entire process run smoother. Part of that process includes our team working with your HOA directly to keep things running on schedule. Typically, this communication will occur after a site survey is conducted at your home and SunPower begins the permitting process with your local utility provider.

For starters, we’ll need the contact information for your HOA. This will allow SunPower to reach out and obtain any applications that are needed on your behalf for approval. You can expect these forms to be completed by the SunPower team, and we’ll even submit the approval forms on your behalf if the HOA allows it. During this time, we’ll work closely with the HOA to ensure everything is properly communicated and their requirements are met.

As part of the application process, your HOA may require a few different things. Be prepared to provide them with the following items to prevent any delays:

  • Application fees
  • Deposits
  • Photos of your home

Once the application has been submitted, we’ll ask you to alert us when you’ve been officially approved. This information is typically not sent to SunPower. The period of time for approval from your HOA can vary. Please keep in mind that it can sometimes push back SunPower’s project completion timelines, depending on how long the approval takes. After that, you’re all set! You can expect installation to begin shortly after.

Beyond the excellent customer service that SunPower provides throughout the application process, there’s another reason why many homeowners choose us as their solar provider. SunPower is different by design. Our solar panels look a lot different from conventional solar panels. The sleek, low profile of a SunPower® solar array is purposeful, from the placement of our microinverters down to each solar cell. One thing many homeowners notice right off the bat is how SunPower solar panels are unobstructed with metal gridlines. Instead, SunPower solar cells have a smooth, light-trapping surface backed by a durable copper setting. The results are not only a cleaner appearance but also highly efficient solar panels that can produce more power with less roof space.

In addition, SunPower solar systems harbor microinverters under each solar panel. This is one of the many factors that make SunPower unique. Some solar companies are known to connect piecemeal solar components to a central inverter, which can create a bulky appearance. The placement of the microinverters also helps with efficiency. When a solar system is connected to a central inverter, generation is dependent on the production of the entire solar array. When there are microinverters for each individual solar panel, like in a SunPower solar system, the game changes. This allows each panel to be responsible for its own production, meaning if temporary shading or other variables occur, a SunPower system can rely on the other solar panels in a solar array to pick up the slack. In other words, SunPower solar systems are not only built better, but they look better, too. That’s why HOAs often recommend SunPower solar systems to their local communities.

It may seem intimidating at first to bring the request for solar power up with your HOA, but SunPower can take the hard work out of the equation. We’re happy to guide you throughout the entire process and answer any questions that you may have along the way. At SunPower, we strive to provide superior service throughout the installation process, and that includes all the odds and ends that come along with it.