Greg Freitag became one of Sunergy Systems’s 600 customers when he decided to go solar back in March 2013. He was among the many Pacific Northwesterners that were skeptical about solar’s capability in our little corner of the world. However, Greg was prompted to explore solar by his son who lives in sunny California.“Living in the cloudy and rainy NW, I erroneously assumed that solar was really not an option.  After reviewing all of the incentives, Federal and State, solar not only became a possibility but it really did make sense, both economically and socially.”

Sunergy Systems installed a 6.2kW Itek Energy system at the Freitag residence making the Freitags one of only 31 Peninsula Light customers to go solar! Greg Williams, Sunergy’s most experienced Solar Design Consultant, designed the system to fit the Freitag’s energy needs and annual usage. The system utilizes the entire south-facing roof with minimal tree shading, maximizing the energy output and creating an aesthetically pleasing symmetry.

The Freitag’s solar electric system will produce over 175,874 kWh during the next 30 years, which means that is thirty-four tons of coal that would not have been mined, burned and spewed into the environment! Greg couldn’t be happier about making the switch to solar and he is excited every time he looks at his meter, “It is fun to see my meter go backwards.”