Since he was a child, Scott has been excited about solar energy. As an adult, he followed its evolution, did extensive research, and 25 years later, Scott & Bev went solar!

They were smart in their approach, first, researching which panels would work best for their home. Second, they studied the success of Germany’s solar implementation and the similarities the Pacific Northwest shares in regards to solar access and climate. Bev & Scott concluded that everyone could benefit from solar, saying, “If a large percentage of people could do solar, and have a continuous feed back into the grid, it would be a huge boon to everybody.” They enjoyed the idea of energy independence, giving clean energy back to their community and helping the environment by powering their home sustainably.

Researching their installer took some time as well. Bev & Scott found Sunergy Systems nearly five years ago when they began formulating their solar plans. “When I had originally looked at going solar, …I worked backwards from the solar panels I liked, to local installers which five years ago that was Sunergy. When I looked again, …I looked for Sunergy on the first pass, and having a A+ rating on the BBB web site didn’t hurt.”

Now that their project is done, how do they feel about it? “Beautiful system, welcoming people, and great installers!” Scott admitted that he was initially worried that the array would stand out greatly, and be too high profile. But when the installation was complete, he describes it as beautiful inside and out. He also found that the array softened their roofline and fit into the neighborhood quite nicely! Their neighbors have welcomed the new addition to the neighborhood, wanted to learn know more about it, and one neighbor even is currently having his home assessed.

How did the installation affect their electric bill? “After 30 days we are already generating more power than we use. It has been quite sunny, so let’s get those (net metering) credits added up!” Congrats to you, Bev & Scott!