In 2015, Sunergy Systems achieved an incredible milestone, our 1,000th solar rooftop! 

In it’s lifespan, this 9.52 kW Itek Energy-Solectria system in Bothell, WA will:

  • Offset 500,000 car-driven miles
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by almost 350,000 pounds
  • Reduce carbon dioxide by an amount equal to 3 acres of mature trees
  • Produce almost 250,000 kWhs!

So you might be thinking, “What happens when 1,000 people go solar?” Here’s how Sunergy’s 1,000 solar customers have been part of the solution. 

In their 25-year lifespans, these 1,000 systems will:

  • Clean Energy – Produce 18.0 million kilowatts-hours of clean renewable energy! 
  • Railcars of Coal – Offset 250 rail cars of coal, or 2.5 miles of a coal train.
  • Barrels of Oil – Offset 285,000 barrels of oil.
  • Car Miles – Offset 250 million car-driven miles.
  • Greenhouse Gas – Offset 200 million lbs!

Every year these 1,000 systems produce enough energy to power a subdivision of 500 homes! 1,000 systems also means supporting a thriving solar industry which has grown by 800% over the last 10 years. Your support of Sunergy Systems makes it possible for us to continue being a leading solar educator for the entire Puget Sound area. Since we started educating the public back in 2005, our professional design consultants have performed over 5,000 site surveys and in-home assessments! Regardless if going solar or not, every person we touched has made a difference as they share their knowledge and enthusiasm, which has been crucial to the growth of Washington State’s solar community. Give us another couple of years and going solar will be just as main stream as purchasing an electric vehicle is now!

Speaking of mainstream, with solar sightings now a common occurrence, this year alone Sunergy will install close to 250 systems. It took us 10 years to get to 1,000, the next 1,000 is right around the corner! Think about how the rest of the solar industry is doing as the State is rapidly approaching 10,000 solar rooftops. Going from 100 net-metered solar systems back in 2005 to 10,000 in 2015, Solar in Washington has come a long way and is building great momentum as 2016 approaches! 
So what would 10,000 solar rooftops look like:

  • A 100% solar powered residential community of 5,000 homes!
  • 25 miles of coal train railcarts no longer on our railways!
  • 3,000,000 barrels of oil no longer needed to be imported!

Thank You Western Washington & the 1,000 families and businesses that went solar with us since 2005!