Roshelle’s middle school science teacher, Mr Clark, will be glad to know that a demonstration on solar energy made quite an impression on her. This self described “tree hugger” first became fascinated by solar energy in the 7th grade, and now Roshelle has her own solar power station!

Summertime in the Yakima Valley can bring high temps and high bills, Roshelle signed up to go solar with the environment and those high Pacific Power utility bills in mind. In 2011, she got her first array installed and chose a nine panel Itek Energy solar system. It has been keeping her utility bills low since it’s commission in 2012! So in 2016, Roshelle decided to double her production and added on another 2.52 kW, bringing her total system size to 4.72. Overall, how much did solar drop her electric bills? Her most recent summertime utility bill was just $27.12, down from the $175, and her $275 winter heating bills are now a thing of the past!

Why did she choose a Ballard solar installer for her Prosser array? “When I had my first array installed, there weren’t any companies on this side of the pass with the experience and reputation that Sunergy Systems had then and maintains now. When it was time to add the second array, it didn’t make sense to take a chance with another company when I was already familiar with the work product and ethics of the Sunergy Systems team.” She goes on to say about the installation, “Even after digging a long trench from the array to my house, the team left my yard looking beautiful and never tracked dirt into the house when updating the circuit panel.”

When reflecting on her choice to go solar, Roshelle recalls the classic, The Lorax. She recalls the line, “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees”, when reflecting on her choice to go solar. “I love looking out my back window and seeing my solar array. I think it is beautiful! It saves me money and it is better for the environment.”

Thanks to folks like Roshelle, who care a lot, it will get better for those trees!