Dave and Pamela Grudin of Arlington remember back to the day in early 2010 when they participated in a solar tour in the Skagit Valley.  They drove from property to property, seeing all types of installations, some on rooftops, some ground mount, some that would track the sun, and “one that even looked like an umbrella in the middle of a field”.  Dave and Pamela were intrigued, but even more so when system owners showed them comparisons of their electric bills before and after solar.  There was some initial angst over the upfront cost, but it didn’t take very long for the Grudins to conclude that they were definitely going solar.

They spoke with Consultants from different solar installation companies.  “I’m generally wary of salespeople. We chose Sunergy Systems because they seemed to be the most forthright and honest,” Pamela said.  The installation went smoothly and their 5.0kW system, comprised of 24 – 210-Watt Evergreen solar panels was up and running!

Eleven years down the road, Dave and Pamela needed to replace their roof.  They reached out to Sunergy Systems to request that their solar system be removed and then reinstalled after the roof work was complete.  They had added on to their garage (which created new solar accessible roof space) and they had built up a bit of extra funds in a variable rate account (which they wanted a worthwhile investment vehicle for).

After discussions with our Company President, Jon Lange, The Grudins decided to invest in solar for the second time and chose a 6.1kW system, comprised of 20 – 330-Watt Silfab solar panels manufactured in Bellingham, Washington. “When I buy those panels, that’s better than money in the bank. Solar panels are a real asset.” Dave said. The current technology has really improved over the last ten years, their new system is 22% more powerful, cost much less, and only requires 90% area versus their original system!

“I’m pleased with the people I worked with. I got good service. They were willing to indulge my questions (and I do go on).  Our experience was really good. Jon helped me to understand how to size a system economically.  Jon turned the lightbulb for me.” Dave shares. When asked if there was one person who stood out as providing exceptional service, he replied “Everyone seemed so good.  The people we worked with, they seemed genuinely excited about what they were doing.  It does make a difference. Everyone was having a good time and it made the whole experience better.”

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