Wildfire activity and public safety power shutoffs have become common occurrences in California and Oregon; hurricanes continue to ravage states along the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; and then there’s the winter storm earlier this year that turned Texas on its head. If there’s anything the past few years have shown us, it’s that climate change is a growing concern. And it’s these extreme weather events that have challenged the way many are approaching their energy use.

Whether it’s being left in the dark during rolling blackouts or being extra cautious with energy consumption because the electrical grid is overwhelmed, more homeowners are considering how they can change their current relationship with utility companies. The great thing about solar energy is that it solves more than one problem in the equation above. First, the use of renewable energy sources like solar power helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that come from the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels. With a solar installation, homeowners can power up during the day using electricity generated from the sun. This clean energy helps reduce the overall effects of fossil-fuel generated electricity and contributes to our fight against climate change.

Second, solar energy helps reduce a homeowner’s need to pull energy from the electrical grid. SunPower’s highly efficient solar panels allow homeowners to reap more benefits from owning a solar system. Our solar panels are uniquely designed and feature solar cells that have a broader light-trapping surface than conventional solar cells. And more sunlight, including ultraviolet and infrared rays, leads to more power. It’s this innovative approach that enables SunPower® solar panels to produce up to 55% more energy over a 25-year period than conventional panels within the same space.1 To help with many of the details that expand beyond solar panel efficiency, there’s the SunPower dealer network. Our specially trained dealers can advise homeowners on what solar system size will not only address their current energy needs but can handle any additional loads that might come up in the future, such as the addition of an electric vehicle or a pool. These combined efforts of technology and industry knowledge can help homeowners become less grid-reliant, many times enough to start seeing major savings on their utility bills.

With a storage solution, homeowners have an opportunity to experience even greater energy independence. How it’s used is up to the homeowner and that’s a level of independence you just won’t find by solely relying on utility companies.

Solar + storage solutions are affordable and easy to finance with Sunergy Systems. With solar power at the helm, homeowners have the freedom to take control of their energy and be better prepared when unexpected weather events occur.

This Blog Originally Appeared On The SunPower Resources Blog