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There are many reasons homeowners decide to go solar: financial incentives, powering their home with clean energy, adding to their home’s resale value and working to combat climate change.

When Mac Taylor decided to go solar, it was from a place of environmental stewardship and smart finances. As a pastor, Mac has committed his life to caring for the world and its people. The positive effects solar has on climate change aligned with his life’s work of providing a clean and positive future for his grandkids and future great grandkids, as well as alleviating the suffering of the poor who often live in areas most affected by pollution. Solar made financial sense for his home. Since the initial cost of installation would eventually pay for itself while adding value to his home, it was a win-win for his family.

After extensive solar research, reading online reviews and sitting down with several solar installers, Mac chose Sunergy Systems to install his solar electric system. Positive online reviews, talking with others who’d gone solar and his initial consult with our Solar Design Consultant Joe Deets, all played into his decision to have us install his system. As a company he chose Sunergy because, “Sunergy is an employee owned company. Everyone has a stake in their success. It is a great company to work with!”

Each spring, there is a crunch of homeowners wanting to go solar as soon as possible and start producing! Although he had to wait a few weeks, he was happy with the final outcome. The installation went smoothly and professionally, the project had no hidden costs and he was excited to see how the black frame panels meshed aesthetically into his charcoal grey roof so well.

Does Mac have any advice for others looking to power their homes or businesses with solar? “If you are considering going solar, I would recommend you look into the incentive program asap. Next year’s Washington State legislation may change, but the present incentives end in June 2020, so the sooner you install solar, the more financial benefits you can reap.”  For Mac and his family, it was the right thing to do, and it really is fun to watch your meter race backwards!


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April 18, 2016