Kashiwa Join Go Solar Northwest

Patti Kashiwa is a local resident to Northwest Seattle. The idea of solar was in the future. The Kashiwa residence joined 52 families who went solar as a part of the Go Solar Seattle Northwest program. “I had been thinking about putting solar panels up for some time but I was not sure how to make the installation. When I received a flyer from Go Solar Northwest I thought that this was my opportunity. The community seminars were great, they sharpened my interest and provided a lot of information.”

At her residence in Seattle, Sunergy Systems installed a 9.2kW SunPower System. With the SunPower 327W module they will be able to generate 1/3 more power than with any other system between her house and detached garage, allowing them to power their electric car in the near future.

“The effect of the solar system has been great. Our electricity bill was cut by more than half and that was in March. I can’t wait to see what happens this summer. It is impressive to see the system producing power even on a relatively cloudy day. I have started to think about the next phase of Going Solar and I am looking in to using the solar panels to charge an electric car. And thanks to Sunergy and a little planning, our system is big enough to meet the needs of the household and power an electric vehicle. I am also considering installing solar water heating and I look forward to working with Sunergy on that project.”

The Kashiwa household is now ready for their first solar production-harvesting season! This is a feel good investment they will never forget.


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May 25, 2013