So, you’re on the path to going solar. It is an exciting time, and there is a lot of information coming your way! It’s important to understand just what you’ll be getting and what the real costs will be. Here are some tips to look for in the quote:

Warranty & Production Guarantee

The warranty on your system is very important. While most panels will last far longer than they are warranted, make sure that they clearly state how things will be handled should something go wrong. The production of your system is another key point to understand. A system that looks good but doesn’t produce the energy you expect will be a costly problem.

Transformer or Service Size Upgrades

If your utility service is not sufficient for the solar array that is being planned, you may be required to add a transformer or a service upgrade. You should be made aware if that cost is included in the quote or if you will be expected to pay for it beyond your solar system.

Monitoring Costs

Solar systems are so sophisticated that both the solar company and you can monitor your system over the internet. But are you expected to pay for the internet connection, or does the solar company? Are there other costs associated with the monitoring?

Structural Upgrades for the Roof

Once the solar company is doing the weight and load analysis of your roof, they could determine that it will not support the solar equipment and will need to have structural upgrades. It can be an unexpected cost or a disappointment. [Note: It may also be a great time to re-roof and include it in the cost of your solar for tax credits.]

Accuracy of Grants, Credits and SRECs

Because laws and ordinances change, make sure that any monetary ‘promises’ that are in the proposal are up-to-date, accurate, and guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

Read the quote, including the fine print. Ask questions. Be sure you understand what you are getting. At Sunergy Systems, we’re happy to walk you through every step of our proposals and answer every question.