Lippert Residence Solar on Mercer Island

Al & Meg from Mercer Island placed one of the first orders for a Nissan LEAF. Wanting to make sure the all-electric vehicle was powered by truly greenenergy, they went solar at the same time. Their 16 ITEK 240 module (3.8kW) system is to produce over 3500kWhs its first year and over 100,000 over its 30-year or more life-span. Their LEAF averages around 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour. That’s over 12,000 miles per year powered from the modules on their roof!

They’ll also save the state of Washington the need to waste over 9000 gallons of water per year.  An NREL study of water use for electricity production shows Washington loses 2.7 gallons per kWh from evaporation at hydro power reservoirs and thermal power plants.

The Lippert’s system is a great example of clean electricity use and production; a model for world energy that has finally come of age.


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August 1, 2012