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Peace Of Mind With Our SolarCladTM Warranty

Shopping around for your solar system? Ask our competitors if they have a manufacturer replacement warranty and Performance Guarantee. We are so confident of our quality and experience that your system includes our exclusive SolarCladTM Warranty. Why settle for anything less than total peace of mind with an experienced employee-owned company?


10-Year Workmanship Warranty
Sunergy Experience
Other Installers


10-Year Full Equipment Replacement
Sunergy Experience
Other Installers


110% Performance Guarantee
Sunergy Experience
Few Installers

How Does SOLARCLAD Compare?

  • SolarClad Workmanship: Quality workmanship covered by our 10-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • SolarClad Equipment Labor: Peace of mind knowing our 10-Year equipment labor warranty has you covered with no service call or replacement charges to surprise you
  • SolarTrust: Have confidence in your system with our 10-Year, 110% Performance Guarantee
Disclaimer:  To qualify for SolarTrust customer site must have a TSRF>65%. To account for annual weather variability, reimbursement shall occur if the 10-year production is less than 95% of the 10-year projected. See the Sunergy Systems “Limited 10-Year SunPower Full Labor & Workmanship Warranty” and “Limited Ten-Year Performance Guarantee” for restrictions and limitations.