Our Team

Since 2005, Sunergy Systems has been Seattle’s best employee-owned Solar Company. There is no stronger character in a company than having employees who are sincerely invested and share common goals for the company’s success.

ALEXANDER CARRELL2023 Employee of the Year! - Solar Installer
The co-Employee of the Year for 2023 is Alexander, chosen by his fellow employee-owners! A tradesman for over a decade and a painter for most of those years, Alexander Carrell felt it was time to grow into something new. He stumbled across an ad for a position at Sunergy Systems and applied. After a meeting with Jon and Jason, he was hooked! Alexander describes his work now as “awesome,” and we at Sunergy Systems find Alexander to be pretty awesome as well. Alexander loves the outdoors. Backpacking and fishing are a couple of regular hobbies in his free time. He also likes drumming and experimenting with synthesizers.
Alexander Carrell - Solar Installer
Employee-Owner 2022
PATRICK MERRILL2023 Employee of the Year! - Sales Manager
The co-Employee of the Year for 2023 is Patrick, chosen by his fellow employee-owners! Patrick’s journey with solar power started as a customer in 2010 with the installation of a small PV system on his home in Upcountry Maui. After retiring from a 15-year career in the maritime industry in 2013, he became a solar designer and sales consultant. Patrick loves educating homeowners on the benefits of solar while designing customized solar and energy storage systems for their homes. During his 7-year career, he has refined a style and methodology that helps customers truly understand their energy needs, find appropriate solar and energy storage solutions, and follow through to installation and beyond. After helping over 250 homeowners in Hawaii go solar, in the summer of 2021, he relocated to Seattle’s Eastside with the mission of helping Seattle area families enjoy the enormous benefits of solar power! Patrick’s two sons are avid soccer players, and his wife is a Montessori preschool teacher.
Employee-Owner 2021
HOWARD LAMBCompany Founder (MSEE)
Howard Lamb is our Company Founder, and is a recognized expert in the field of solar energy with thirty years of experience, and a founding member of the Washington Solar Energy Industry Association. In 1994, he earned his master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Florida and, as a research assistant, developed the first electric vehicle high-powered solar charging station. He continued his work in alternative energy at Trace Engineering (Outback Power) and the Advanced Battery Lab for Electric Vehicles. Howard continues to guide us in the ever-changing solar landscape and is positioned as the region’s premier solar energy provider.
Howard Lamb is our Company Founder
Employee-Owner 2005
Jon is a 20-year veteran of the solar industry and a NABCEP-Certified Solar PV Installer. He received his education at Solar Energy International (later as an instructor there too) and, in 2003, joined one of New Jersey’s largest solar contractors, where he soon became their installation manager. In 2007, he found his permanent home with Sunergy Systems and has managed the installation of over 2,500 residential and commercial PV systems. In 2015, Jon became the Company President, where he tirelessly leads us with genuine warmth and expertise as one of the most respected industry professionals in our State.
Jon Lange is 20-year veteran of the solar industry and a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer.
Employee-Owner 2007
MICHAEL POGORZELSKISite Surveyor & Draftsman
Michael is a foundational and beloved member of the Sunergy Systems’ family. Before he moved to the West Coast in 2007, he had already been installing solar for several years. Michael started out as our lead installer with over 500 installations of experience. In 2014, he became our principal Solar Site Surveyor and Draftsman and helped develop a solar dream into an energy reality for our customers. He loves animals and has a cattle dog named Coey. Michael is also an avid musician who is currently playing in three different groups here in Seattle while constantly working on and recording his own music.
Employee-Owner 2008
GREG WILLIAMSSenior Solar Design Consultant (NABCEP)
In 1980, Greg graduated with his Engineering degree and began his Solar career in northern California. He is one of the most experienced solar consultants in Washington and a senior member of our sales team. He has a genuine passion for Solar and is a patient educator with expert engineering skills. Greg and his wife installed their own solar electric and hot water systems on their Kitsap home and have been enjoying clean energy for years. Greg is an avid aviator and enjoys flying and snapping shots of recent Sunergy Systems installs around the Puget Sound area.
Employee-Owner 2009
JASON DUENSINGSolar Installation & Service Lead
Jason started his solar career in 2004 with SPG Solar, one of California’s larger solar integrators, where he worked as a lead installer as well as a design and permitting specialist. Jason joined our team in 2010 and has been a strong leader and expert. These days, he manages our Service Department, ensuring that all systems maintain tip-top shape and perform as expected! Jason, his wife Sherri, and their daughter are huge Seahawks fans, and he’s also an exceptional gardener.
Employee-Owner 2011
ADAM COXSenior Solar Design Consultant
Adam began his solar career with Sunergy Systems as a Solar Installer Intern after receiving his B.S. in Geography, Resource, and Environmental Studies. Solar quickly became his passion, and he has become one of our Senior Design Consultants, educating homeowners on the benefits of solar while designing customized systems for their homes. His depth of knowledge, experience, and commitment to solar have inspired over 400 households around the Puget Sound to go solar! Adam is a constant cheerleader at all company events and brings fun energy to the Sunergy family!
Employee-Owner 2011
ERIC SALSBURYElectrical Journeyman
Eric began his solar career with Sunergy Systems, has an associate degree in Electrical Engineering from Topeka Tech in Kansas, and has over 13 years of general construction experience. Eric is one of our most experienced installers, recently obtained his electrician license, and is now the electrician on all of his team’s installations!
Employee-Owner 2012
ALAN BLACKSTOCKElectrical Journeyman
Born and raised in Seattle, Alan joined Sunergy Systems after he and another Sunergy electrician worked together for many years at a local electrical firm. Along with his 5-years of solar experience, he brought 20 years of experience with him in the service industry. This “happy guy living the dream” loves to camp, hike, golf, and hang out with his family and friends.
Employee-Owner 2014
MATTHEW SHAEFFERLead Solar Installer
Since July 2010, Matt has called Seattle home! He was originally from Philadelphia and was looking for a fresh start after serving in the US Army. He entered the solar industry by chance, answering an email about a job his brother forwarded to him. Previously, Matt worked as a dishwasher, Army MP, graveyard groundskeeper, and security guard before Sunergy was lucky enough to have him join our installation team! When he’s not installing your solar array, you might find Matt enjoying video games, movies, hiking, shooting, camping, and good, casual debate.
MATTHEW SHAEFFER - Lead Solar Installer
Employee-Owner 2015
BRIANA NICHOLSAdministrative Manager
Her fellow employee-owners chose Briana to be their co-Employee of the Year for 2022! Briana moved to Seattle in the summer of 2015 in search of a place to live a more sustainable and green life. Briana joined our team as a Project Coordinator and brought several years of construction administration. In 2018, she stepped into the position as our Administrative Manager, with a focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience. Briana loves traveling and meeting new people.
BRIANA NICHOLS - administrative manager
Employee-Owner 2015
DANE NELSONLead Solar Installer
Born and raised in Seattle, Dane is a jack of all trades and has been working the trades for the last 13 years. He never knew which one he wanted, so he tried them all and was introduced to solar power through a friend. The more Dane learns about solar, the more he enjoys what he’s doing. Someday Dane aspires to become an electrician.
Employee-Owner 2017
JANINE LANGEAdministrative Assistant
Janine, a native of New Jersey, moved to Seattle with her family in 2007. She brings with her an enthusiasm for solar (her home has solar electric and hot water systems) and a passion for the future of our planet. She has become an integral part of our Admin team, handling Accounts Receivable & Payable, and providing support for our Solar Design Consultants and Install Team. When she’s not working, she can be found enjoying time with her family—husband Jon, daughter Margot, and their happy dog, Winona—renovating their home, camping, biking, and enjoying a local brew.
Employee-Owner 2019
CHRIS YOCKEYSenior Solar Design Consultant
Chris’s passion for solar became a reality back in 2014 when he “went solar” with Sunergy with a solar system on his family’s Edmonds home. The Sunergy designer that assisted him was one of the State’s solar legends, Chris Herman, whom he became friends with and was eventually mentored by. Over the years, he became our top SolarPass referrer, with ten of his referrals going solar. In 2019, Chris transitioned from operating his construction company, Northwest Renovations, to fully embracing his solar passion with a career at Sunergy Systems.
Employee-Owner 2019
NIKKI WATERSSolar Design Consultant
Born and raised in the beautiful Seattle area, Nikki has long had a passion both for renewable energy and nature. A decade-plus career in manufacturing honed her skills in precision and production, now she is applying her expertise to a fulfilling career in the solar industry. Nikki enjoys sharing her technical experience and enthusiasm with customers. Outside of work, you can find her on the flying trapeze, gardening, spending time with her nieces, and camping.
Employee-Owner 2019
CAMERON LABAWElectrical Journeyman
With a long-time interest in sustainable technologies, Cameron attended the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California, in 2009. His first project was installing a solar system on his brother’s house, and Cameron immediately hit it off with the owner of their electrical contractor, who later hired him to start their solar division, where he obtained his Journeyman Electrician license. To further his solar knowledge and make solar a full-time career, he joined Sunergy Systems in 2019. Cameron has a passion for sustainable living and social change, keeping up with emerging technologies, and honing his skills in the electrical trade. When he is not geeking out on tech, he spends his time with his young daughter and loving wife.
Employee-Owner 2019
DEVIN ATCHERLEYLead Solar Installer
Devin recently started working for Sunergy Systems, and his coworkers and customers were quick to notice his commitment and strong work ethic. He thrives through hard work and problem solving while remaining calm and productive in otherwise demanding situations. During Devin’s free time, he is a musician and outdoor enthusiast.
Employee-Owner 2020
JAIME SASSESales Assistant
Jaime earned her Environmental Science degree in 2004 and subsequently works in the field of environmental liability management. In 2020, Jaime joined Sunergy Systems with enthusiasm for learning new things. Jaime loves being a part of a team that is bringing positive environmental change to the community where she was born and raised, and with that, she is very passionate about helping customers reach their solar goals. In her free time, Jaime loves to travel and explore the great outdoors.
JAIME SASSE - sales assistant
Employee-Owner 2020
TIM SESSIONSLead Solar Installer
Tim was selected by his fellow employee-owners as 2022’s co-Employee of the Year recipient! He received his BA in Earth and Space Sciences from the UW in 2012. He then worked as a CNC programmer/machinist & warehouse manager for seven years. In 2021, Tim’s love of nature and memories of his weather and climate classes drew him to seek a career in sustainable energy. Tim is a perfect team player, and his work ethic, quick learning ability, creative thinking, and fun and quirky sense of humor make him a perfect fit for Sunergy Systems. When he’s not installing solar on rooftops, Tim enjoys hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, and XC skiing, as well as some PC gaming down time.
Employee-Owner 2021
PATRICIA RAMIREZAdministrative Assistant
Still fluent in Tagalog from her Philippine roots, Patricia moved to California when she was 11. She attended UC Davis, where she majored in Biological Science. Since graduation, Patricia’s adventures have included working as a recruiter, HR/office manager, and helping various startups within the tech industry (one brought her to Seattle in 2010). Drawn by the company’s purpose and her desire to create something wonderful for the people in her community, Patricia joined Sunergy Systems in 2022. Her work experience, determination, and sunny disposition make Patricia a perfect addition to the team. In her free time, Patricia loves to practice/teach yoga, bake, volunteer at her son’s elementary school, walk her dogs, and develop an earth-friendly lifestyle.
Patricia Ramirez - Administrative Assistant
Employee-Owner 2022
Jakob Diccicco was introduced to the world of electricity by his soon-to-be father-in-law. He decided to take that experience and transfer his knowledge to a new career in solar installation with Sunergy Systems during the summer of 2023! Jakob has lived in various locations throughout Washington State and Oregon all his life and loves the Pacific Northwest. In his free time, Jakob likes to cook lovely meals for his fiancé Kaitlyn, travel, and hike with his two dogs.
Jakob Diccicco - Solar Installer
Employee 2023
With a background in roofing, Hector Ramirez is a proud member of Sunergy Systems’ installation crew. That pride shows up in his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and an aspiration to become an electrician for the company. Outside of working hard at Sunergy, Hector enjoys playing video games, reading, writing, bouldering, hiking, and trying new things!
Hector Ramirez - Solar Installer
Employee 2023
With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Fernando jumped at the opportunity to work at Sunergy Systems. He is eager to put his skills to use in the solar industry and take on new challenges with the goal of becoming an Electrician! Fernando’s two beautiful kids are his source of motivation. During his spare time, he enjoys traveling and introducing his children to new places and all the beautiful nature the world has to offer.
Fernando Guzman - Solar Installer
Employee 2023
AMEER FREEMANSolar Installer
Ameer was a successful, licensed barber for seven years. Like it did for so many, the COVID pandemic got him thinking about a new career path. In 2021, he began his solar profession in Texas. With his hunger for knowledge and passion for learning, the transition was a success! Ameer made a wonderful addition to the Sunergy System’s installation team in 2023. When he’s not installing solar, Ameer enjoys travel, chess, and working out.
Ameer Freeman - Solar Installer
Employee 2023
REBECCA SAYRESales Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Rebecca Sayre brings over 25 years of strategic communications and public engagement experience to her role at Sunergy Systems. She has been involved in advocating for clean energy since 1996, working at both the local and national level with the Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, and others. Recently she developed and implemented the Stand Up for Solar campaign for the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association to provide an avenue for the public to advocate for policies that support affordable and equitable access to distributed solar. This effort contributed significantly to key legislative success in the 2023-24 Washington Legislative session. She is excited to be part of the Sunergy team and to help more people become powered by sun energy! When not connecting people with solar resources, Rebecca can be found exploring the outdoors, cooking with friends and family, enjoying live music, or hanging out with her dog, Pablo.
Rebecca Sayre - Sales Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Employee 2023
BILL GORDONAdministrative Specialist
Bill is a key outside professional for Sunergy Systems, bringing forty years of financial and bookkeeping experience to our management team. His guidance is essential to our company’s financial health, reporting, and fiduciary oversight.
Outside Professional