Employee-Owned Solar Company

In 2005, Howard Lamb created Sunergy Systems with three primary goals in mind, and becoming an Employee-Owned Corporation allowed our company to achieve all three, along with becoming one of the most well-respected and experienced solar providers in the Pacific Northwest.

Employee-ownership at Sunergy Systems is comprised of:

Through employee ownership, Sunergy has attracted the best solar professionals in the industry and created a company culture of integrity, quality, and impeccable customer service. It’s no surprise that we have the state’s longest-tenured solar team, which in turn guarantees that every one of our customers has a team of seasoned professionals throughout all stages of their solar experience for a seamless and simple process. This results in us achieving one of our core values:

✓Every employee becomes an employee-owner after one year of good standings
✓Only company employees can be company owner
✓All employee-owners are granted shares in the company
✓Participating in company profit-sharing
✓Selecting the company officers via electing the board of directors
✓Actively participate in the company’s health, policies, and direction

  • A solar installer is showing the homeowner how to use his solar system.
  • A dad is holding his baby in the air in front of a home with solar.
  • Solar installer on top of a roof working on solar array
  • Solar installer working on solar farming

As an Employee-Owned Corporation, there is no stronger character in a company than having employees who are sincerely invested and share common goals and the company’s success. We feel this marks the beginning of a new economy that creates living-wage jobs and meaningful careers while providing every customer with a solar energy solution designed to perform and installed to last.

From all 26 of our employee-owners, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about who we are, see the benefits of going solar with an experienced employee-owned company, and consider us to implement your solar investment!