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As expected, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a narrow proposal this week that kicks off negotiations with House Democrats on the next COVID relief package in earnest. The Senate legislation does not include clean energy provisions and it includes cuts to unemployment insurance and limited funding for state and local governments, while proposing an increase to the Employee Retention Tax Credit and extension of the Paycheck Protection Program, among other changes.   

Many lawmakers also are looking for ways to build the economy. To that end, House members in both parties have indicated they want policies that support solar energy, and House Democrats passed the Moving Forward Act, which includes such provisions. These policies must be included in the negotiations. Given the letter to McConnell from seven Republican Senators calling for clean energy legislation, we have a chance of getting a bipartisan bill across the finish line that will potentially create hundreds of thousands of jobs. But we aren’t in the package yet.

Let me cut to the chase, we need you to jump into the fight now. Democrats need to know how critical this is, and Republicans need to hear from people about how valuable solar is to their districts. Please take a moment to write to your federal representatives and add your voice to this growing chorus of supporters for solar energy in America. We’ve sent 10,000 letters to Congress, but that is not enough. Congress needs to hear from you.