A new decade is in full swing; it’s time to bring your solar savings New Year’s resolutions to life. When you go solar in 2020, your savings are endless. From lowering your carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy to saving on every future electricity bill, a solar installation continues to deliver benefits. But that’s not all – when you go solar in 2020, you will be allowed a 26% tax credit for the cost of your solar systems on residential and commercial properties through the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The time is now to lower your energy costs and see the savings roll in decade after decade. But don’t delay; the ITC steps down permanently to 10% in 2022.

Ring in the new year the right way. For maximum savings, 2020 is the time to install solar on your home or business. After 2020, this important incentive is decreasing for the next two years to 22% in 2021 and then 10% in 2022. Our team at [company] will provide you with the guidance and knowledge necessary to make your 2020 solar resolutions a reality.

The path to energy independence and ultimate savings awaits. Make the most of solar savings and the 26% tax credit.

This post originally appeared on the SunPower Resource Blog.