SunPower® SunVault™

Tesla Powerwall

SunPower® Equinox™ + SunVault™

The First Home Solar And Storage Solution Made & Designed By One Company

By adding battery storage to your solar system, you can have peace of mind through all kinds of conditions. Bad weather, blackouts and unexpected outages won’t disrupt your life. SunPower® solar and storage solutions make energy independence a reality. You control how much energy is saved and when it is used. You can keep the lights on and essential devices working as needed.

Ease of Mind House

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Protect your home in an outage, powering essential appliances and electronics.

Easily Manage Your Solar Solution From Your Smart Devices

Manage with Ease

Customize settings, monitor solar, storage and home energy usage in real-time.

How Equinox Storage Works

Top 4 Benefits of Equinox Storage
Equinox Storage 101
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