The Haziq Family of Bonney Lake

This month the Haziq family is our Project of the Month.  The Haziq family from Bonney Lake made the choice to go solar recently as a way of doing their part to help combat climate change. Mustafa  Haziq is uncertain of the scope of the impact humans are making on our climate. But what was certain was his family’s desire to become sustainable, reduce their carbon footprint and help future generations.

Purchasing Washington-made modules and inverter made perfect sense to Mustafa and his wife Zohra. It reduced the project’s carbon footprint by shortening the trip the materials had to make from the plant floor to their home. It provided a faster payback by qualifying for the Washington renewables incentive program.

The Haziqs have been looking into solar for many years. The decision to buy it was made easy when factoring in the quicker payback. When they researched solar previously a few years ago, the payback was 10-15 years due to how much more expensive it was to go solar then. Currently, the payback on their 4.8 kW system will happen in just six years.  The Haziqs love their new solar system which consists of 20 Itek Energy IT240 modules and the Eltek 4.4He-t inverter which includes web monitoring which they say make it very convenient and easy to use. This custom designed system offsets 64% of the Haziqs annual electrical usage through Puget Sound Energy.

The draw to become sustainable and go solar was easy for this family that already chose environmentally-friendly practices like using rain barrels, composting and owning a hybrid car. It is also Mustafa’s hope that going solar will inspire more people to consider sustainability and solar power.  The Haziqs wisely chose to go solar and have been harvesting sunshine of one of our best summers ever!


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March 25, 2015