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First Go Solar Seattle Northwest Family

Our project of the month is the first family to go solar as part of the Go Solar Seattle Northwest program.

The Kahles decided to go with a 5.5kW Silicon Energy System. They’ve have been following the solar market for several years and recently bought an electric vehicle. For Paul and Vanessa, the timing just seemed perfect to go solar now. As Paul proudly says, “I’m putting as many watts on my roof as it will hold. It’s green, it’s cool and the price is right”. They couldn’t be happier with their decision to Go Solar.

The Kalhe’s 5.5kW Silicon Energy System will offset 69% of their power usage and will produce 164,605kWh over the next 30 years; which offsets 334 barrels of oil needed for the average American home to generate the same amount of electricity over the same amount of time!


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January 1, 2013