“Coal Sucks And Oil Burns!”

“Coal Sucks, and Oil Burns. No sense waiting for Kyoto and Copenhagen, we’ve got to do this ourselves. Thanks to the Go Solar Seattle NW Campaign for doing the leg-work and research to make ‘going solar’ easy!” Dwight Beckmeyer. Dwight Beckmeyer is not just sitting back watching the effects of climate change, he is stepping up to take action!

His 5.2 KW DC SunPower system consisting of sixteen SP 327 Watt, 20% efficient modules,  will produce 5,878 KWh’s AC annually due to the exceptionally great South facing roof with 99% Annual Solar Access. This system should offset over 100% of his current annual KWh consumption of electricity.The Beckmeyer’s decided to oversize their system installation to be ready for the addition of an Electric Vehicle a few years ahead and take full advantage of the sizeable system discount from the Go Solar Seattle Northwest program.


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March 18, 2012