9.6kW Itek Energy System In Bainbridge Island

North Pacific Mini Storage of Bainbridge Island goes solar with a 9.6kW Itek Energy system. The owner of North Pacific Mini Storage is ecstatic about the new addition to his business and can’t wait to see what the summer will produce.

Owner Jim Llewellyn decided to go solar to take advantage of our state’s incentive program, “I chose to go solar because of the state and federal incentives which were so clearly explained by Sunergy’s Greg Williams. The incentives made being green a “no-brainer” and with the great folks at Umpqua Bank the financing proved to be an added bonus by reducing my previous rate from 6.5% to 3.95%. The installation looks good and will more than pay for itself by 2020 and I’ll enjoy the “free” power for many, many years after that. Sunergy Systems was great to work with and I only wish that I could repeat the program three more times for the other three meters on the property.”

With Washington State’s production incentive, North Pacific Mini Storage’s 9.6kW Itek Energy system will be getting paid $0.54 per kilowatt-hour produced until July 2020, because both the inverter and the solar module are manufactured in Washington State.

Now that we have installed North Pacific Mini Storage’s system, he is telling his friends! “I love telling my friends about my positive experience becoming part of the solar program. I tell them, we all have heard the adage which admonishes, “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is” but this opportunity was one of the rare instances where something this beneficial is true. All the people I have dealt with at Sunergy Systems from the office staff to the electricians, and of course my solar design consultant, Greg Williams, have been great to work with. The the extent that opportunities have arisen I’ve recommended Sunergy Systems to anyone interested in this perpetual power.”


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August 3, 2012