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Jon Lange

Jon is our Company President and a 15-year veteran of the solar industry and a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer. Jon started his solar electric career in NJ in 2003, after coming up through the PV program of Solar Energy International, where he eventually became an instructor.  After moving to Seattle in 2006, he found himself at home with Sunergy Systems under the tutelage of Electrical Engineer Howard Lamb.  Jon has managed the installation of over 2,000 residential and commercial PV systems. When Jon took the helm as Company President 2015, it was out of appreciation for his dedication to solar, experience, and just being the outstanding person that he is! He leads tirelessly with a genuine warmth, endless passion for solar, and expertise as one of the most respected industry professionals in our State. Jon and his family power their home with a 5.3 kW solar electric system and heat their water with a solar hot water system. When he’s not working, Jon can be found hanging out at home with his family, playing bass with his band, building things out of pallets, watching Sounders games, and drinking great, local beers.