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Chris Yockey

Chris’s passion for solar became a reality back in 2014 when he “went solar” with Sunergy by having solar installed on his family’s Edmonds home. The Sunergy designer that assisted him was one of the State’s solar legends, Chris Herman, who he became friends with and eventually mentored by. Over the years he became Sunergy’s top SolarPass referrer with ten of his friends and acquaintances going solar!!!

Before Mr. Herman passed away in 2016, he planted a career changing seed with Chris, by encouraging him to join the Sunergy team. Even though Chris operated a small construction company, Northwest Renovations, in 2019 he fully embraced his solar passion and transitioned into a career with us. We are very fortunate to have such a loyal customer also representing us by sharing his solar experience and expertise with our customers. In his free time Chris enjoys concerts, live music and spending quality time with his wife and three daughters.