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Power When You Need It Most
SunPower SunVault

Don't Get Left In The Dark!

With a SunVault solar battery you will have the security of consistent, dependable power. No longer will power grid outages, caused by routine maintenance, downed trees, and natural disasters, disrupt your life. SunVault™ Storage helps to maintain your safety and independence regardless of what happens outside.

SunPower Equinox Storage is the only complete home solar and storage solution designed and developed by a single company. It promises to deliver the greatest long-term investment for your home with its simple and sleek design, unmatched system reliability, and the confidence of being backed by SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty.


Don’t Get Left In The Dark

Get 2x More Power

With twice as much backup power as conventional storage systems, you can power more of your home during a power grid outage

Get More Charge Cycles

Superior battery chemistry (lithium iron phosphate) allows more charge/discharge cycles over the life of your battery, compared to conventional storage systems.

Complete Confidence Warranty

One company, one warranty covering your solar, inverter and storage.

Manage with Ease

Our intuitive app lets you customize your settings while providing real-time information on solar, storage and home energy usage.