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Solar Financing

Sunergy Systems has partnered with the regions top solar lending agencies to offer the Nation’s best solar financing options for your solar project.

Summer Solar Loan

Zero down and Zero payments until June 2021. The Summer Solar Loan is one of the region’s most unique solar loans and is specially designed so customers “don’t pay until next summer.”  The first payment is due June 15th of the year AFTER your loan date which provides time to receive your federal tax credit refund. This first payment will be 15% of the loan amount and the loan has a 14-year term with a fixed rate of 4.74% for the first 7 years and a one-time rate and payment adjustment at the beginning of the 8th year with a cap of 2.50%.  Apply today for your 18 months of free energy”! A one time UCC filing fee ranging from $182 thru $224 may apply.

Low Interest Loan

We have three options for you with rates as low as 3.49% (720+ credit score) and terms of 10, 15 and 20 years.  A one time UCC filing fee ranging from $182 thru $224 may apply.

  • 10-year term starting at 3.49% rate
  • 15-year term starting at 3.99% rate
  • 20-year term starting at 4.49% rate

Solar Leasing

Over the last couple of years, there has been much hype about solar leasing offered by many of the national big-box out-of-state solar corporations, however, there can be undisclosed pitfalls that you need to be aware of:

  • A lease is a 10-year contract, if you sell your home before the contract term ends, you could be hit with tens of thousands of dollars in termination fees.
  • You do not own the solar energy system and cannot choose to have Made-In-USA equipment. The cheapest overseas equipment is used with no consideration to environmental regulations, living wages or equipment lifespan beyond the 10-year contract term.
  • You forfeit all Federal and State incentives.
  • Zero percent of system installation supports the State’s economy and the local solar industry.