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The Steps to
Going Solar

SunPower solar installation

Energy Use Profile

Sunergy Systems will evaluate your electric bills over the past year to create a profile of your annual energy needs. Each household is unique in their energy usage. We analyze the energy consumption and usage patterns to determine the best solutions for savings and to measure success of the system once installed.

Solar System Design

Sunergy Systems will plan and design a system custom-tailored to your household’s energy needs. With the goal of creating the balance of the right number and type of panels to offset as much power usage as possible within your budget.

Site or Virtual Solar Consultation

Depending on your comfort level, your Sunergy Systems design consultant will visit your home, in-person or virtually, to assess the solar panel layout, roof angle, ground space, and shading by trees or other buildings. They will determine the homeowner’s goals to determine the best solutions. To schedule a consultation, visit our free quote webform. 

Going Solar Proposal

Your dedicated Sunergy Systems consultant will typically configure a few different systems tailored to meet your energy solution. Included in these proposals are applicable rebates and incentives, financing options, your net investment in solar, annual savings, and solar equipment and battery backup specifications. These options will be presented during the on-site or virtual consultation.


Site survey

Once the proposed system design agreement is signed our site surveyor will finalize the system layout and electrical conduit plan with you.

Final installation approval

Sunergy Systems will prepare all the paperwork for utility and local solar permitting. As the customer, you have the final approval of the solar system design and how it will look on your property before construction begins.


Construction time depends on the size of the system. Residences usually take less than a week to complete.


Sunergy Systems schedules all building, electrical and utility inspections.

Customer Care

As we prepare for your system to go on-line, Sunergy Systems delivers the customer care package, which includes as-built drawings, inventory of panels and parts as installed, warranties, instructions, and monitoring information.

Follow Up

Yes these solar panel systems are basically maintenance-free, but many experts suggest that an annual service and maintenance check is best. Having a certified service technician check the racking system, condition of the modules, wiring, junction box(es), module clamps, conduit runs, inverter mounting and readout, service panel connections and overall system output will guarantee that you’re system is producing at maximum efficiency.