Does Solar Work in the NW?

Yes! Solar Power Works Great In The Northwest! 

Although the Pacific Northwest receives fewer annual hours of sunlight than most other states, did you know that solar panels actually operate at a greater efficiency in cooler climates, this makes solar in the Puget Sound region an excellent place for solar. In addition, our long summer days and cooler climate result in our systems out-performing many southern locations during the summer time, and even during the winter solar electricity is still produced. Solar power is a very attractive solution to today’s energy problems and the Puget Sound receives up to 70% of the sunlight that Los Angeles does!

Germany receives less sunlight than the Puget Sound region, however they account for 13.5% of the world's solar electric installations, and they are expecting to be 100% green for their national energy usage by 2050. If Germany can produce that much solar energy with less sun, there is no reason not to go solar here in the Northwest.

Washington State's incentive program rewards homeowners 6.5% to 10.4% for going solar in the form of a sales tax exemption! For a typical sized system this is a $2,000 incentive.

When you combine the State's incentive program with Federal incentives, offsetting your electric usage, and locking in escalating utility rates, the Puget Sound area makes for a sound and secure green investment. Washington State also has some of the best solar financing available such as our current summer solar loan featuring $0 down, $0 payments until June 1st, 2020!