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Employee Owned
Solar Company

solar employee helping customer

In 2005 Howard Lamb created Sunergy Systems with three primary goals in mind.


  1. Provide sustainable energy solutions and practices to protect the environment  
  2. Provide a world-class customer service experience for everyone they serve  
  3. Provide meaningful careers for those who share in the company’s first two goals  

Becoming an Employee-Owned Corporation allowed our company to achieve all three of our primary goals along with becoming one of the most well-respected and experienced solar providers in the Pacific Northwest.
Employee-ownership at Sunergy Systems is comprised of:

  • Every employee becomes an employee-owner after one-year of good standings with the company
  • Only company employees can be a company owner
  • All employee-owners are granted shares in the company
  • Participating in company profit-sharing
  • Participating in shareholder meetings
  • Selecting the company officers via electing the board of directors
  • Actively participate in the company’s health, policies, and direction

Through employee-ownership Sunergy has attracted the best solar professionals in the industry and created a company culture of integrity, quality, and impeccable customer service. It’s no surprise that we have the State’s longest-tenured solar team which in turn guarantees that every one of our customers has a team of seasoned professionals throughout all stages of their solar experience for a seamless and simple process. This results in us achieving one of our core values:

“To offer a world-class customer service experience for everyone we serve and in everything we do. From system design to installation, from in-home sales to office administration, making our customers feel appreciated and valued will always serve our company well.  It’s our job to help our customers understand, implement and benefit from all that solar has to offer!”

A byproduct of employee-ownership is it fosters a passion for the solar industry, with many of us being actively involved in the solar industry and community:

Jon Lange – Solar Installers of Washington, WSU Committee
Howard Lamb – Clean Energy Technology Program, Solar Instructor
Howard Lamb – Solar Installers of Washington, Founding Member

As an Employee-Owned Corporation, there is no stronger character in a company than having employees who are sincerely invested, share common goals and the company’s success. We feel this marks the beginning of a new economy, creates living wage jobs and meaningful careers while providing every customer with a solar energy solution designed to perform and installed to last.

From all 18 of our employee-owners, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about who we are, see the benefits of going solar with an experienced employee-owned company and considering us to implement your solar investment!